Lipizzaner - the legendary white horse


The lineage of all modern horses of the Lipizzaner breed can be traced back to eight stallions. Today there are less than 3000 purebred Lipizzaner.

Young Horses

Lipizzaner's are born with a dark coat which gradually becomes whiter as they get older. They reach a full gray colour, almost white by the age of 10.


'Operation Cowboy' and the 1945 rescue of the Lipizzaner. Towards the end of the war in Europe American and German soldiers joined forces to protect Europe's legendary horses.


The classical dressage movements of the Lipizzaner stallions are know as 'airs above the ground'. They have become a living art form of balletic grace and precision.

Lipizzaner's on film

The Lipica Stud Farm was established in 1580 and is know to many as the birth place of the Lipizzaner horse. Lipica is one of the oldest stud farms in the world, it has been breeding Lipizzaner horses uninterrputedly since its establishment. Today it is home to more than 350 Lipizzaners.